Our Objectives

• Showing the truth of Islam as a way of life that calls for cooperation among people
• Qualifying the student in both the sciences of life and religion in a balanced way, training him to benefit from the different sources of Islamic knowledge, and enabling him to adopt the scientific method in both thinking and working
• Paying special attention to the postgraduate studies in Islamic Law, specifically those related to new phenomena
• Preparing specialized Muslim preachers and fostering the talented
• Strengthening the cultural and scientific ties with the other universities and international Arabic and foreign institutions
• Working to graduate successive classes of Muslim preachers to spread the tolerance of Islam all over the world.
• Developing one’s sense of belongingness to the Islamic Civilization and its values
• Working to refine art, literature, and science and relate them all to their Islamic roots.
• The university is a virtual one that works to generalize this system in all majors.